Hydronic Heating Specialists

With over 100 years of industry experience across the team, Independent Mechanical Supply confidently has the most experienced wholesale hydronic heating department across the GTA and surrounding areas. From specialists in steam systems to CIPH certified Hydronics Designer, our heating team is diverse and tenured to ensure our customers are supported through all their heating system needs. 

We operate as a full-line solution to commercial and residential customers;

  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting: Our team is available to troubleshoot a job by phone or perform a site visit to assess complicated diagnostics. 
  • Product Recommendations: Our team can make site visits to measure up new and existing projects to provide heat system recommendations on thermostats, boilers, circulators, and entire heating systems.
  • Design Layouts: We cater to customer requirements and design based on your needs, whether its designing loop layouts for radiant in-floor heating to mechanical room pipe layout drawings. 
  • BCIN Certification: We facilitate the BCIN Certification stamp so customers have one less aspect of the project to manage. Ask our specialists for more information.
  • Heat Loss Calculation: We provide room by room heat loss reports for renovations, additions, and new builds in the residential and commercial space. Based on the report and customer requirements, we provide recommendations for appropriate furnace, water heating, and snow/ice melt designs.

For inquiries and further information, please contact our hydronic heating and sales team directly at: hss@imechsupply.com