Pipes, Valves, and Fittings

In today’s mechanical contactor environment there are more and more options for piping, fitting and valve possibilities. Sizes, adapters, transitions and variations are almost endless. Independent Mechanical Supply takes pride in not only stocking all popular pressure and drainage pipe and fittings, but in also being an early distributor of numerous new alternatives.

Variety and breadth of inventory are the key

Not only does Independent Mechanical Supply stock the pipe you need — we offer a full pipe fabrication facility. We can cut copper, steel, corrugated stainless or plastic pipe on site. We can thread from 1/8″ to 4″ black schedule 40 or 80 pipe. We can groove steel, pressure PVC or copper pipe from 2″ to 8″. If you have pipe requirements whether standard or custom please contact our inside sales team, we’d love to quote your job.

We stock all the top specified valves in a variety of options, sizes, types and brands you want. Gate, globes, checks – brass, bronze, stainless, cast iron, steel or pressure PVC for water, gas, steam applications, we have what you need now and we have the support staff to help pick the proper valve for the proper application.

In addition to stocking copper pressure, copper drainage, brass, bar stock, 150lbs and 300lbs black and galvanized malleable, cast iron, forged steel socket and threaded, stainless 150lbs, soil MJ, pex, ABS, system 15 and 50, system 636, sewer and grooved fittings; we also stock new exciting alternatives to help ease/speed the job such as Shark-bite, Duratec compressed air, and many more. And what good are fittings without the sizes and combinations you need to solve your job’s requirement. Breadth of line is our specialty, whether it’s bulk head tee’s, 6″ copper, or 1/8″ nipples we’ve got you covered.

If you need insulation, solder, fitting brushes, or acetylene cylinder exchanges, we have it. Independent Mechanical Supply strives to be the one stop shop for professional plumbing, heating, and mechanical contractors.