About Us

What We Do

Every year Independent Mechanical Supply serves 800+ businesses in the GTA as a full line distributor of plumbing, mechanical, hydronic products, and related tools.

Our focus is providing personal, quick, and responsive service from our team of tenured industry personnel.

Independent Mechanical Supply offers cost effective and top quality products ranging over 400 product lines, while maintaining service that contractors expect from an independent distributor.

Obsessed with Exceeding Expectations!

Our Story

Founded in 2008, Independent Mechanical Supply first opened its doors at the industry-known Etobicoke location in February 2009. The owners, Paul Blaik, Greg Tester, and David Walker, launched their business with two goals in mind; carry on the quality of service and knowledge from the generations before them, and bring new technology and skills into the mix to heighten how the ecosystem of plumbing and mechanical wholesale operates.

With a dedicated team of industry gems, the growth of Independent Mechanical Supply has been constant from the start. ‘Heart’ is at the center of drive for the contributors that have helped Independent Mechanical Supply grow to being a go-to dependable distributor in the mechanical and plumbing industry.

12 years later, we have a stable foundation in place and continued partnership with all touchpoints in the industry. We are expanding our experienced team with new energy and niche skillsets as we focus on key initiatives that will continue to improve how our customers do business with us. We strive to evolve ‘quality service’ by simplifying mechanical and plumbing wholesale; incorporating technology at the center of how we provide a better experience to our customers and our vendors.

Our Motto

Obsessed with Exceeding Expectations!

With our customers in mind, we continue to focus on evolving our business & service model to support and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

Our People

At Independent Mechanical Supply we are focused on a healthy mix of industry tenured employees to meet the knowledge base required by our customers, and constantly sourcing new talent from outside the industry to challenge the status quo.

We understand the value in team;

  • working together as a team to bring new innovations from cross-industry best practices,
  • as well as having dedicated people focused on finding new ways to make processes more efficient and continue to bring more value to our customers.

Obsessed with exceeding our customer’s expectations, our goal is to stretch the boundaries of conventional wholesale!